“They seem to want to be able to vary our lease when it suits them”

About Anchor Trust. This happened about 3 years and 8 months ago

since 2010 service charges increased by 24% to quote, fund redecoration of communal parts of our blocks of flats, no work as ever been done. This year service charge is set to rise 27% to fund work for the next 30years, that makes a rise in 4 years to 51%.This is not acceptable as the interpretation as stated by my solicitor, our lease states, refers only to a reasonable rise to cover costs for no more that 10years max. The residents on this estate are already in Anchors complaints procedure over what could become the mis selling of our leases over the parking problems that Anchor are causing and their inability to address the complaints previously made. Anchor seem to want to be able to vary our lease when it suits them, but by the same token insist that certain parts of the lease are adhered to the letter even when Anchor themselves varied the terms themselves, which is our case for mis selling of the lease.

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